Trust YOU - Real Testimonials

From wellness practitioners to world class athletes, mothers, fathers, CEO's and gardeners. Anyone can benefit.

Sports Athlete (UK)


To have someone guide you through just like having a coach in sport. You have it in you but you need that push/spark/guidance/support to bring it out of you and for you to be accountable not just to yourself. I discovered that I need to worry less about what is not in my control. That I should spend more time on my peaceful soul development, I feel energised by nature and movement, I race through life looking for the next thing after one thing is achieved and need to celebrate the successes properly before moving on. I realise I put my expectations on others and then get annoyed when not met. They are not me and I am not them.

Founder of Sanctum Learning

Colin Priestley-Wall (UK)

I was excited to read about Soulhub School's creation of 'Soulwalking to Inner Peace, in 7 Days'. I wanted to start straight away. When I got going, I realised the empowerment that it was giving me, time for me, reflection, focus and in the peace of my present mind, something I hadn't experienced at the level - EVER!. All I can say is, committing to a personal brief focus daily for one week - we all need this in our lives. Even if you feel that you haven't the time, please make this happen, you will not regret it. I promise!

Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Shaun Sutton (Germany)

Thank you with all my heart for your course and including me in this. Participating in the exercises and following your ideas helped open up my mind to what is possible in this area and provide food for thought in my own offerings. Time to digest.

Remedial Face Therapist

Lynn Rae (UK)

Thank you for inspiring me to walk alone again. I had forgotten how rich and rewarding is it. I have loved every day of this course and missed you this morning.

Mum, Walker, Community Giver

Deborah (UK)

I've learnt that I don't have to please everyone! I need to be more self-compassionate and dismiss the inner critic. I'm okay as I am and if that means that occasionally I'm abrupt or impatient with those who seek to influence me with their negative vibrations, that's okay too. I've seen that I have neglected my own emotional and mental well-being in striving to be perfect and meet others expectations of me. I've learnt that everyday, I will do one act of kindness for myself.

Course Deliverables

  • Learn about my pillars for inner peace and a fulfilled life

  • Receive daily tools to give you greater awareness and connection with self and others and an insight into your life intentions

  • Daily kind nudges and guidance through; video, audio and a community space (only on Guided Programme) to support you through our 7 days together

  • Experience a positive shift towards your sense of inner peace

  • Begin forming the foundation of your daily wellness habits

  • Guided programme - You can access the Soulwalking Facebook Group, with input from me and a 60 min group video session

What do you need?

To get the most from your course Carmen asks you to consider the following...

  • Arrive with a positive mindset - You might not be feeling cheerful, or you may be in grief, but it helps to come to the course with the idea that you're prepared to give it a go. That there is a chance that you could learn something new. Be open.

  • 45mins - 1hr needs to be set aside each day - Ideally a little longer to enable space for the process to deepen in your body, and for your mind to play around with thoughts, feelings, ideas. The longer you give yourself. The more space you give yourself the more you'll get from the 7 days.

  • Physically know you can walk each day - We won't be walking miles, as you'll learn Soulwalking is it's own art! Whatever you can cope with is more than good enough. If you're unable to walk with a disability or injury then please contact me so we can discuss a revised way of working.

  • Appropriate clothing - Who knows what the weather is like for your chosen week. So try to have some walking shoes or boots. Ideally waterproof and comfortable. And warm comfortable clothing for you to meander in.

  • Your heart - Say hello to it. We'll be holding it, getting to know it, opening it, speaking to it.

Come Soulwalk with me

Let's Soulwalk together each day and find greater joy, less angst and further understanding of who you are in the world, and what you'd love to create more of. All giving you greater inner peace. It can also be fun...