Soulhub for Business supports colleagues, teams and organisations

An introductory modular course that gives you an overview of deeper mental, emotional and physical practices that supports individuals to navigate and manage these unprecedented times of change and stress

  • Module 1: Professional wellness specialists delivering a complementary audio-visual toolkit of daily practices that are simple to understand, easy to do that facilitate mental, physical & emotional agility and fitness

  • Module 2: An introduction into mindfulness and meditation; how it works, why it is beneficial and a selection of practices to suit everyone on a daily basis

  • Module 3: Easy and effective physical exercises that can be done both in-doors or out-doors before, during or after work to counter-balance too much sedentary and cerebral time in front of screens

  • Module 4: An overview of food technology: tips on what, how, when and why we need to consume, to keep our mind and body feeling great and immunity strong

  • Module 5: Simple and easy breathing exercises that help our bodies not just survive but thrive! Rebalancing our automatic nervous system, aiding our immunity and energising our mind and body

  • Module 6: Key principles for healthy relationships including trust, honesty and communication

  • Additions: Coaching or therapeutic support.

  • Additions: 1-2-1 or team support for any of the core modules

Why Soulhub for Business?

How we promised to deliver value and real difference to your colleagues.

  • Wellness Specialists

    Delivered by a team of wellness specialists who have been working with individuals and businesses for decades. All of the Soulhub Team are private practioners and come highly recommended by their clients.

  • Multi-media & Access ANYTIME

    Ability to choose when to access the daily tools and exercises, so you can fit around your working day. A combination of audio clips, videos and text to support the daily tasks on both your laptop and mobile devices.

  • Simple & Effective

    Tasks and exercises which are easy to fit into the day, and are relevant irrespective of previous knowledge or experience. They are all designed to be short, simple and when done regularly can transform your life.

Our Wellbeing Specialists

Nutritionists, Therapists, Bodyworkers to Coaches and Dancers

Our team have worked within small, medium and large corporations as employees as well as practitioners who support individuals and businesses to change cultures, relationships and human experience.
The Soulhub Team

Leading Facilitators

Carmen & Andrew will work with you to create the right solution for your business employee wellness programme

Founder, Soulhub

Carmen Rendell

Carmen, The Soulwalker is a walking therapist and Founder of Soulhub. She has 20 years of Brand and Communication experience within Multi-National Businesses from Barclays, Lloyds, Musto, Jack Wills and FX companies.

Co-Creator Soulhub

Andrew Cuerden

Andrew has 35 years experience as a Professional Ballroom & Latin American dancer, is Director of Dance Savior Faire with a passion for using the discipline of dance as a therapeutic mechanism for wellbeing and personal expression.

How it works?

Contact Carmen & Andrew to discuss your business wellness requirements. Pick from our core modules, and/or add on key focus areas specific for your business.


COO, Manifesto

Rebecca Hull

"Carmen delivered a brilliant lunch and learn session to the Manifesto team as part of our wellbeing programme. We are trying to encourage our teams to take time for themselves and get regular screen breaks, particularly since lock and this session was a moment to reflect on the myriad benefits to the mind and body by just getting up from our desks and going for a simple walk. Carmen has a lovely style which people warm to instantly and her passion for people and walking shines brightly."

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